About Trainer Society

Trainer Society is a club for Pokemon fans! We have touraments, WiFi parties, giveaways, contests, and more! We will have groups on forums and other sites, so more and more people can find the Trainer Society. Basically, you join the group by giving a group owner your Friend Code(s). Then you, will have to register four group member's Friend Codes in your Pal Pad, and you're ready to participate. There's also a system called Trainer Points. Whenever you participate in an event, refer someone, win a tournament, or start a Trainer Society group on a forum, you earn Trainer Points. Trainer Points can be used to buy Pokemon in the Trainer Shop. You get 100 Trainer Points just for joining!

How to Join

- Go to a website or forum that has a Trainer Society group.

- Give your name, Friend Code, and anything else you need to join.

- Wait for an admin to confirm you joining

- Register four TS members from that group in your Pal Pad (Atleast one admin)

And you're ready to participate!

Forums and Websites that Trainer Society Has A Group On

- Goldenrod City, http://goldenrodcity6.webs.com


Want to have a group on your site or forum? Email me at goldenroddl@aol.com !

All-time Member List

Key: Member Name, Rank, Site, Trainer Points

-Goldenrod, Admin, Goldenrod City, 100 Trainer Points