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 Here you can get the latest interesting Pokmon news! You can hear about events, new games, movies, and more! You can also get information you won't find many other places, since some updates focus on a special event like the Pokemon World Championships. Most news will only be shown for a limited time, but some special articles, found at the bottom of the page, are permanent.


Important dates

February 5 or 21- The Return of Celebii (Serebii) 

January 30- Ash's Pikachu Toys R Us event starts 

March 6- US B/W Release

March 4- European B/W Release

Mythical Celebii

Celebii, the time travel Pokemon can finally be yours. There are two ways you can get it. First, you can stop by one of the Pokemon black and white mall tours starting February 5th or just go to your local Game Stop starting February 21st. Just take any of your copy of a DS Pokemon game and you wou will have a Celebii with the move Nasty Plot which you cannot get with normal training. But hurry after March 6th Celebii will be gone.

Ash's Pikachu

Have you ever wanted to get Ash's Pikachu on your own Pokemon game? Well, if you live in the US, you can! Toys R Us stores across America will be giving away Ash's Pikachu from January 30 to February 13. The Pikachu will have moves like Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Volt Tackle, just like it does in the anime. You can get it on any copy of a DS Pokemon game.

Black and White Mall Tour

If you want to know as much as possible about the upcoming Pokemon Black and White Versions, be sure to check out the B/W Mall Tour! It visits some different malls across America, and offers exclusive events such as:

-Seeing the movie Pokemon: Zoroark, Master of Illusions absolutley free! It's the only time the movie will be in theaters!

-Play the game before it's released!

-Hunt for stamps of the new Pokemon, and win prizes!

-Learn a lot about the new games!

The tour goes to two cities each week. Here is a list of the locations and dates for the tour.