Super Pokemon Rumble European Release Date

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So who's heard about Super Pokemon Rumble?

In Europe, Super Pokemon Rumble will be releasing for 3ds in December! WOO!

It's a new world record! Sorta...

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Well, I'm gonna try to...


Yup yup, you heard it here first. I'm gonna try to play Pokemon for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT. Without stopping. I'll probably attempt it after I buy my White Version, so I have a new game and won't get bored. And if I can't do it because of school, then I have plans for this summer. If anyone wants to hear it, here's the backstory:


Yesterday I got a World Records: Gamer's Edition book. I read it, and there was a page telling how you can set a world record. So I thought, why not try to set the record for longest time playing a Pokemon game without stopping. I probably can, I love Pokemon so much :3

So, I need a witness, that'll be Leaf/Cattle. And I'm taking pics and vids too, there'll be a page for that.


And now I will list random reasons why I wanna set the record and benefits of setting it.


- I could be a legend amongst Pokefans... THAT WOULD BE PURE AWESOMENESS AT ITS BEST!

- Maybe GC would get more famous? I've always wanted that, but fame=haterz so I better start working to make GC better.

- Maybe seeing myself in Nintendo Power? :3

- And one more thing to add to my list of great accomplishments


One more thing! GC is now covering all remakes, not just Johto. Mainly 'cause I think people don't pay enough attention to reamakes. Starting with R/S remake predictions. I've been thinging of some maybe titles. Does SkySapphire and SeaRuby sound good? I got it from the Pokemon song Unbeatable. You know, when it says "from the earth the land the sea and sky"? Also I'm thinking of possible character designs. Maybe a page on that. IF I can get a premium membership to Webs. But when real remakes come out, I'll cover 'em.


I'll sign off with our new catchphrase!


Pokemon legends in the re-making!

Updates N Stuff

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A small update. We have a new affy, Kyrowave. It's a very cool site, check it out. We also are now listed on Poliwag's Lake Topsites. Be sure to click the link and vote for us! Also, a new rule has been added, "No excess caps and chatspeak". I made this rule because I have noticed a lot of n00bs on other sites, and I realized I needed a rule against being n00bish. This rule doesn't mean you can't use moderate chatspeak or caps.





This is OK, because clearly the person has a reason to yell.


"when r u comin to my site?"

This is also OK, because it IS readable, and some people just like to talk like that.


O3MG33 I W3NT 2 DA SHOPN MAL 2DAI AN I BOT PAnTZ LOOOOL!!!!!111!!!!11!!!!1

Not OK, because it is not readable and clearly misspelled on purpose.


In other news, they're giving away shiny Raikou at USA Gamestop stores until the 9th. Be sure to get one!


And, there's a new section coming soon. It's called the Trainer Society, and it's basically just a club where Pokemon fans can meet up, trade, battle, and just have fun. It'll also be on other sites too, possibly.


So, last news, I have a new email account. It's [email protected] , so you can use that as well as [email protected] and [email protected] .

PokePark Wii

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Who likes the graphics in Pokemon Stadium?

*many hands are raised*

Well, the new Wii game PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is out! And the graphics are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! PokePark Wii is like a series of minigames that star Pikachu as the main character. You can play said games, battle, and explore the PokePark and befriend Pokemon.